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Sportier Hyundai Tucson receives N-Line treatment

Not wishing to be left out, with its New Tucson N-Line, Hyundai Motor is offering customers a growing range of attractive N-Line choices, states Iain Robertson, which will continue to build its brand relevance in a hectic SUV/crossover sector. 

MG whisks budget motoring along another track

Demonstrating tremendous insight, highlights Iain Robertson, history-aware MG (Chinese-owned since 2005) has tackled several ‘problems’ in one fell swoop by introducing a low-cost route to circuit racing that is sure to become over-subscribed.

Hyundai launches its second Hydrogen Fuel Cell car in the UK

Bringing the very latest in hydrogen and electric powertrain technology, with a range of up to 414 miles, writes Iain Robertson, the Nexo FCV joins the EV versions of Kona and Ioniq and the iX35 FCV as part of a 44-strong, ‘green’ new car launch initiative by 2025. 

Great British Carmakers – Part 4, Lister

For just over 65 years, Lister Motor Company has played a vital niche role in the highly engineered, expensive sportscar scene, writes Iain Robertson, since 2013, in the safe hands of father and son, Andrew and Lawrence Whitaker, it continues apace.

Vauxhall’s soft-roader gains Fire Service approval

Obtaining the commensurate vehicles for special purposes can be a tough requirement but, as Iain Robertson discovers, Vauxhall’s PSA-derived SUV can meet the demands of one major authority in SW England.

It’s ‘business as usual’ for Coventry classicist Jaguar Cars

Despite heaps of headline bad news earlier this year, reports Iain Robertson, Jaguar Cars is storming back with two new variants of the F-Pace SUV; one aimed at a sportier customer, with the other targeting enhanced standard equipment lovers.

TPMS – Nightmare, or essential safety item?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have come a long way since Renault first installed them on its Scenic model at the turn of the Millennium, writes Iain Robertson, and they are now standard fit on ALL new cars…but they do present some problems.

Great British Carmakers – Part 3, McLaren

Named after New Zealand mechanic and racer, Bruce McLaren, who enjoyed meteoric fame in F1, winning his first Grand Prix at the age of 22 in 1959, recalls Iain Robertson, he built race and road cars, before dying in a Goodwood crash aged just 34.

Great British Carmakers – Part 2, Ginetta

While survival is a common thread to many British car firms, inherent strength is what keeps them together and Iain Robertson reflects on Ginetta, a company with a history steeped in post-WW2 austerity that has always possessed forward vision.

Great British Carmakers – Part 1, Morgan

If glacially-slow product development can be combined successfully with customer desirability, then, writes Iain Robertson, only one brand whisks into view, Morgan, where tradition, elegance and sportscar vitality seem to ooze from every pore.

Some fascinating motor books

Seldom an ardent fan of fiction, Iain Robertson has sifted through some of the finest factual books released so far this year, with an inevitable bias towards motoring, classic cars and motor racing, all colourful, all educative and all entertaining.

VW plans for an EV future

Volkswagen Group, which means VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti, reports Iain Robertson, is forging ahead with a fundamental change of system in individual mobility and systematic alignment with electric drivetrains.


We all love a good survey, affirms Iain Robertson, as he reveals the results of 2,000 respondents to one carried out by ‘Insure The Gap’, which underscores several of the processes that we all undertake, when buying a new, or second-hand car.

Dacia dirties Duster with veteran purpose

Cost-effective Romanian Renaults (a.k.a. Dacia Duster) are being employed by rehab charity, reports Iain Robertson, to provide vital vocational qualifications to former and retired service personnel as they change from military to civil work.

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