Motor Source Leasing Website is Now Online

We at Motor Source Group are proud to announce the launch of our new leasing website. Now we can offer our community of emergency services members even better lease deals on a huge number of manufacturers and their vehicles.

Leasing is the ideal solution for those that enjoy driving a brand-new car more frequently, and with the flexibilities on mileage and term agreements, and cars of all sizes and specifications we’re sure to find the right car for you.

Our advisors will help you to decide your annual mileage, deposit amount and contract length (usually between two and four years), and then will arrange all of the paperwork for you; delivering your new car to your door within mainland UK.

Our new site makes it easy to browse hundreds of leasing offers, and our online tools streamline the process of tailoring a contract and viewing the costs. You can also explore business leasing options, if you’re looking for a new company car.

There’s even a dedicated page for leasing electric vehicles of all kinds: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. If you’re looking to switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle it’s the perfect way to own one while not tying yourself down to quickly-evolving technology.

MSG Summary

If you’ve worked in teaching, HM prisons or the emergency services, we can find the perfect leasing deal for you – visit Motor Source Leasing now.

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