The Top Five SUVs on the Market Today

They some of the most popular cars on the road today - sports utility vehicles, combining the comfort of modern cars with the practicality of off-roaders.

They’re cars built for the adventures of family life, happily taking on any task you throw at it, big or small. Naturally, their popularity has meant every modern manufacturer has their own model, but which are the best ones out there?

We’ll walk you through our five favourite SUVs on the market and what makes them the top of their class. Whilst they can look similar, there’s worlds of difference once you dive into the details, so let us introduce you to the shortlist:

Nissan Qashqai

Being one of the most popular SUVs on the market, the Qashqai should be on every shopper’s list. Nissan have been constantly improving and refining their smash hit since it hit the market in 2007, turning it into the runaway hit it’s become.

On the outside it’s sporting a lowkey-but-pretty design; that bodywork houses its 1.3 litre mild-hybrid engine, 504 litre boot and 20-inch alloy wheels. One unique feature of its design is that its rear doors are able to open 85 degrees wide, making getting in and out a breeze (especially if you’re helping children in). Inside the cabin feels premium, with a robust infotainment system that can be upgraded to even include a jet fighter-esque head’s-up display. There’s a generous choice of models beginning at £19,896 – see our deals on a new Nissan Qashqai.

Hyundai Tucson 

Hot on the toes of Nissan is the new Tucson. The latest model was released Q3 of 2021, making it one of the newest cars in this list. This means you’re getting not only some top-of-the-line equipment for the money, but also a wealth of options. Now could be a great time to make the switch.

Its front grille hides a set of parametric lights, which fits effortlessly into its avant-garde design. t’s got a massive 620 litres of space in the boot – the equivalent of six large suitcases. What’s great about the Tuscon is that Hyundai offer a swathe of engine options – both petrol and hybrids (even the hybrids have multiple options!). This means you can choose the perfect car for your needs, whether you need an easier driving experience with an automatic gearbox, or extra economy with a plug-in hybrid.

VW Touareg

The makers of famously-good hatchbacks, Volkswagen probably aren’t the first to come to mind when thinking about SUVs – let alone a luxury one – but the Touareg should definitely be on your list. It shares some components and a chassis with one of its main rivals – the upmarket Audi Q5 – but with a much more reasonable pricing structure. 

And with that you get a car featuring a massive 15-inch touchscreen, giving you access to a powerful infotainment system. Its eSIM card means its constantly connected wherever you go, sending data directly to your phone on its status when you’re away. You don’t even need to put your fingers on the screen either, with gesture and voice controls – it can even read the news out to you while out on the road. While you’re driving the 3-litre V6 engine at night you’ll have access to its night vision mode, giving you 130 metres of extra vision right in your instrument cluster. The Touareg shows that you don’t need four rings on your badge to get the latest and smartest features.

Skoda Kodiaq

With a name that conjures images of class and refinement, the Skoda Kodiaq is the first in our list with a seven-seater option. Whilst it all sounds expensive, the Kodiaq won’t break the bank while still delivering a quality vehicle.

Skoda sneak in some of their own clever innovations, like an umbrella holster in the door in case of unforeseen showers, but overall it’s a well-rounded vehicle. The Kodiaq’s a Jack-of-all-trades: it feels great to drive with a premium-looking interior and a great array of tech. It also has a full five-star NCAP safety rating. Skoda have created an engineering marvel, one that’s generously priced and set to hold its value for years to come. 

Vauxhall Mokka-E

Last but not least, another SUV that’s been recently redesigned. The new bodywork is striking enough, but it’s green in more than just colour; the Vauxhall Mokka is available as an all-electric vehicle. If you’re looking for an EV SUV without breaking the bank, this could be it.

The Mokka-E’s 50kWh battery can take it 201 miles before needing a charge, and even then it’ll shoot back up to 80% in 30 minutes on a rapid charge. That electric propulsion means no emissions tax, a quieter ride and, best of all, it’s cheaper per mile than its petrol editions. All of this without skimping on the boot size or gadgets of the original model. While there are other family electric cars out there, this one starts at a price point that won’t shock you.

MSG Summary

No matter your needs or situation, there’s an SUV that’s tailored to you. If you like what you’ve read here or need a little more help making a decision, our sales team are here to help. Best of all, they can secure emergency service members and teacher extra discounts and deals.

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